The Morality of Everyday Things

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What’s the show about?

Much as it says on the tin, this podcast is about everyday ethics. We pose the kind of questions we enjoy debating. The kind you might wonder about in the course of regular life. It’s been flatteringly described as “Like listening to your mates argue in the pub, except they’re not rude to each other and they sound like they know what they’re talking about”.

Should billionaires exist?”, our first ever episode, reached an international audience and unexpectedly catapulted us into the podcast charts. Since then, episodes like, “Is it immoral to eat meat?” and “Are you a bad person if you work at Facebook?” have helped the Morality of Everyday Things reach the Top 5% of podcasts worldwide.

We’re not out to tell you what to think… our aim is to give structure and nuance to interesting questions. It’s more about how to think and how to have these debates in your own life.

Where can I listen?

You can listen to the show on every major podcast provider:

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As well as Anchor, Breaker, Castbox, Overcast, Pocket Casts and Radio Public.

And you can view the show on Youtube too:

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Who’s behind it?

The co-creators and co-hosts are Anthony Collias and Jacob Wedderburn-Day (that’s us below). We met in 2012 at Oxford University, studying a mix of economics, philosophy, politics and management. In 2015, the year we graduated, we founded - an international travel tech company which we’ve grown into a venture-backed enterprise valued at over £10m, present in 250 cities.

In addition to Stasher, we co-founded - a climate change social enterprise. From £3.25 per month, Treepoints makes you carbon neutral by supporting the world’s best climate crisis solutions. Look out for the Treepoints logo when you shop online as more and more businesses integrate us into making their products carbon neutral too!

If you’ve met us in real life, or you’ve listened to the show, you’ll know that we love to debate issues. We like thinking about challenging topics and finding consistent ways to evaluate them. This podcast is the culmination of years of lunchtime debates on wide-ranging subjects. A podcast seemed like the perfect format to capture these debates and extend them to a wider audience beyond our long-suffering friends or team.